Discover Black Wolf

Why Black Wolf

For over 23 years Black Wolf has demonstrated a commitment to its clients and their design needs. By delivering heirloom furniture built by a staff fully invested in their work, we’ve been delighting customers, building trust, developing relationships and creating friendships along the way.

Imagine working with an organization that sees you, listens to your needs and incorporates those needs into your design.

Imagine your delight upon receiving at delivery, a beautifully hand crafted, hand finished piece of furniture that is beautiful in both fit and finish.

Furthermore, should any issues arise along the way, we are committed to fully supporting you, the designer, and to satisfying your client to the best of our ability. We recognize the trust you’ve demonstrated in working with us. We are committed to maintaining that trust and that means working hard to delight your client.

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What Drives Us

We are customer centric –being empathetic to their needs – and we are personally invested in every piece we make.

We are committed to the highest level of clarity in our communication in all activities. We listen first and confirm our understanding of what has been said.

We are growth oriented, both personally and professionally. We work together for the greater good of the organization.

We are self-confident, humble and honest as we live and work with a positive mental attitude.

We are passionate…

  • About our families
  • About our work
  • About pleasing our customers
  • About working together as a cohesive team

Let’s discuss your project, contact us.