Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive pricing?
Black Wolf generally works with the interior design trade, a designer or architect sends an email with their request to or through our contact page. Please include the inspiration picture or a sketch with size, species, and finish needed. We’ll check back within 24 hours either with a quote or with questions that we need answered before we can offer one.

What materials do you use to build your furniture?
We primarily work with Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry, and Alder either in solids or veneers but also can work with specialty woods and painted finishes.

What about hardware? Can I choose my own? Do you have standard selections?
We generally supply the hinges and slides when applicable and have a range of price points. Many times designers prefer to send their own decorative hardware but Black Wolf can also supply options if needed.

Do you use sustainable materials in your furniture?
We work with 2 primary suppliers and communicate weekly with them on our lumber needs. We do discuss with them our desire to use only sustainable materials. With the primary materials we use, we are assured that they are coming from mills that are replanting as rapidly if not more, than the trees are being harvested.

How do I place a purchase order?
If you’ve already received a quote from us, all you need to do is sign it and email it over. You can also use your own purchase order format if you prefer. We will always send you a sales order confirmation for your review to sign off on to ensure we have the right items and information. If you are not an interior designer, have your interior designer reach out to BW or contact us to find a designer in your area.

How do we take care of the finish on the furniture?
We recommend keeping the piece clean by wiping with a damp cloth of mild soap and warm water. Never leave water standing on the surface. There should be no need to use oils or waxes as they most likely will begin to build up over time. Extensive heat or acidic fluids may also affect the finish (hot coffee, orange juice, nail polish remover, etc.). Also, extreme changes in humidity or UV rays can alter the moisture content within the wood and may cause movement. The finish that is applied should last at least a generation with normal wear and tear. One Year Warranty – 2023

If you have other questions not listed here, please contact us.